Fast&Up Recover Raspberry(0.1 g)


Fast&Up Recover Raspberry(0.1 g)

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Fast&Up Recover is India’s first effervescent post workout drink for instant muscle recovery formulated with an Essential Recovery Complex (ERC) consisting of 100% Vegetarian Profile of 20 Amino Acids along with a powerful antioxidant Glutathione. Available in a tube of 20 effervescent tablets this post-workout muscle recovery supplement is a unique effervescent drink with complete amino acid profile to help recover faster and get ready for subsequent training. The balance between protein synthesis and breakdown is vital and muscle protein metabolism is greatly dependent upon ingesting an adequate amount of amino acids. The Complete Profile of Amino Acids in Fast&Up Recover supplement helps to heal and repair muscles post workout. It is well known that muscle protein synthesis is stimulated in the recovery period post workout vand the Essential Recovery Complex in this effervescent post workout muscle recovery drink does exactly what is required it provides a nutritional stimulus for protein synthesis. This effervescent muscle recovery supplement promotes protein synthesis and reduces muscle protein breakdown post workout. This tasty and refreshing recovery drink is available in Raspberry Flavour is an ideal post workout muscle recovery drink to help you recover from a tiring workout or day.

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