As Fresh Freeze Dried Cow Colostrum Powder(75 g)


As Fresh Freeze Dried Cow Colostrum Powder(75 g)


Colostrum is the pre-milk fluid of cows that comes in the first 24-48 hours after giving birth. It is high in Immunoglobulin proteins fats vitamins and minerals that fight disease-causing agents. Cow colostrum helps in: Reducing inflammation Stimulates growth of good bacteria in the gut and heal Leaky Gut Syndrome Boost balance and maintain immune function Promotes ligament and muscle healing stamina speed recovery and burn fat Healing nervous system damage and IBS Managing auto immune disease.The pack contains 2 sachets of 37.5 gms each and a measuring spoon which can hold 2.5 gm of Cow colostrum powder .Freeze drying ensures that nutrient value of products remains intact which is not the case in any other form of drying.Freeze drying is the most prevalent modern technology for producing health and wellness products globally.Its the same technology by which vaccines are produced.

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