American Health Probiotic CD Intestinal Release System 60 Veggie Tabs(60 No)


American Health Probiotic CD Intestinal Release System 60 Veggie Tabs(60 No)


Controlled Delivery Twelve Billion Bio-Active Organisms Bio-Tract Technology 10 Beneficial Naturally Derived Strains Once Daily 100% Vegetarian Stomach Acid Protected Promotes Digestive Intestinal and Immune Health Hour After Hour Digestive Health Dietary Supplement Probiotic CD is a proprietary blend of 12 billion bio-active microorganisms from 10 naturally-derived vegetarian strains. Probiotics are most effective for digestive health when released in the intestinal tract where food nutrients are readily absorbed. Maintaining intestinal microflora balance is essential for healthy digestion immune wellness and optimum intestinal function. This advanced controlled delivery probiotic is formulated with a Bio-tract gel matrix that brings probiotics directly to the intestines. Bio-tract shields active organisms from stomach gastric acids which may destroy sensitive bacteria before they reach the intestinal tract – reducing the number of active organisms lowering product effectiveness and impacting nutrient absorption. Controlled delivery ensures that the organisms remain active at consistent levels hour after hour. The Probiotic CD Difference: Protects Beneficial Bacteria from Stomach Gastric Acid Delivers a Consistent Level of Probiotics into the Intestinal Tract Provides Balanced Microorganism Absorption and True Potency Promotes Hour After Hour Controlled Release for Maximum Benefit Provides Essential Probiotic Support In A Once Daily Dose Daily Maintenance Enhanced Support Probiotic CD offers you the probiotic advantage of once daily dosing 12 billion for every day maintenance or twice daily 24 billion for an enhanced level of probiotic support particularly during times of weak diet and antibiotics? which can disrupt the healthy balance of bacteria in the system. Bio-tract Technology Which Bio-tract probiotics get past stomach acid without breaking down. Moistened by fluids in the stomach a gel-like enteric coated shield develops around the tablet prot

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