AE Naturals Crystal Q Glutathione Skin Whitaning 60 Veg Cap.(60 mg)


AE Naturals Crystal Q Glutathione Skin Whitaning 60 Veg Cap.(60 mg)


“Net Contains: 60 Capsules AE Naturals Crystal Q Glutathione is a cutting-edge skin lightening formula. These capsules aid in skin lightening as well as skin tone eliminating dark spots and blemishes. Crystal Q Glutathione capsules combines the finest of nature and experience in scientific research to aid in restoring your skin’s vitality and health. Our formula is enriched with Glutathione Apple extract and Alpha Lipoic Acid as well as other essential vitamins. The combination of these ingredients will give your skin an even tone glow and natural nourishment. Additional tips to achieve good results: Take 1 raw carrot and 1 raw tomato daily in your food Avoid taking alcohol smoking and other similar type of products Use sunblock lotion or cream while being exposed to sun Benefits: • Cutting-edge skin lightening formula • Improves liver health and fights against cancers • Improves your skin texture and make your skin glow • Removes dark spots pigmentation and wrinkles • Reduces cell damage and increases mobility • Reduce respiratory disease symptoms Directions for use: Take 1 capsule daily at morning and night after food along with 500mg Vitamin C till you get desired results. Thereafter you can take twice or thrice in a week to maintain results.”

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