AADAR RE-LAX – for Digestive and Bowel Wellness 60 Capsules (Pack of 4)(240 No)


AADAR RE-LAX – for Digestive and Bowel Wellness 60 Capsules (Pack of 4)(240 No)


Relax with RE-LAX! Kabj ka Ayurvedic Ilaj! Do you feel drained in washroom or sense an incomplete evacuation frequently? Are you constantly having abdominal cramps bloating gastric troubles stomach pains or acidity reflux? These are very common symptoms of a weak digestive system which can lead to further ailments and complications if not resolved in due course. Ayurveda places a great deal of emphasis on having a good “gut health” and maintaining proper digestion. A person is said to be healthy when the three doshas are in balance (vata pitta and kapha). Re-Lax is a herbal therapy for constipation that helps improve digestion and corrects the imbalance of doshas in a natural way. It is a perfect blend of Senna leaves Harde (a component of Triphala) Sanchal and Ajwain. The concoction of these herbs facilitates regular bowel movements and helps in effective and natural relief from acidity and gas and from mild to chronic constipation (kabz). AADAR recommends regular use of Re-Lax for best results and relief from stomach related ailments. Health | Care | Naturally – the vision of AADAR transcends to all its products which aim at inculcating the belief and wonders of natural healthcare. Our genesis lies in the re-discovery of Ayurveda in the modern lifestyle. Adhering to the ancient science of Ayurveda and its applications in healthcare AADAR is now recognized as a highly effective herbal treatment for a myriad of health issues. AADAR aspire everyone to be a proud modern-day proponent of the rich heritage of Ayurveda and back this aspiration by persistent research rendering unique effective and trusted formulations.

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